Prepackaged School Supplies for All Ages, All Grades and All Abilities!

In addition to providing school supplies, we proudly employ young adults with special needs because we celebrate their abilities!

Pencil. Pen. Paper.
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What Makes Us the Employer of Choice For Those With Special Needs?

We Ask the Right Questions

At all interviews we ask the customary questions to all potential employees…

But we go a step further!


How do you experience your diagnosis?

What accommodations would you need to cope with it in the workplace?

Will your employment affect your state or federal benefits? We may be able to accommodate that also.

Job Details

  • Positions: Order Processor Levels 1, 2 and 3 based on abilities
  • Hours: up to 2hrs, up to 3hrs and up to 4hr+ based on abilities
  • Pay rate: $15/hr. paid weekly
  • Shifts: Vary based on school supply pack orders
  • Breaks: as needed during all shifts.

For a quote by grade please send supply list to the following email:


We pride ourselves on being the most accommodating employer in the Midwest!

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We Empower Young Adults and Celebrate Their Abilities

Our entire workplace is a Supportive Atmosphere we are constantly creating new insights, strategies, and implementing new accommodations for working with all populations seeking sustainable employment.

Customary accommodations include, but is not limited to:

  • Shifts are scheduled in blocks of 2hrs, 3hrs, 4hr or more*
  • Multiple breaks to accommodate the need
  • Low lighting in work areas when requested
  • Low noise in work areas when requested
  • Quiet / break rooms for those needing more privacy during breaks or meltdowns
  • Our shift leads work with all workers on all processes during shift

We encourage parents, family members, guardians or caregivers to accompany workers to shifts when this accommodation will assist and benefit the worker.

*based on the employee’s abilities, availability and the needs of PencilPenPaper

Order School Supplies

Step 1

Fax or email us your schools supply lists by grade

Step 2

We fax back a quote to not just meet but exceed your expectations!

Step 3

We send you a custom designed PencilPenPaper order form to distribute to parents, teachers and students.

Step 4

We process orders and bulk ship the order directly to the school, sorted by grade with individual labels for each student and we ship in bulk to save everyone on shipping cost!

We also include a reorder form because we want another chance to exceed your expectations!

Every purchase supports the continued employment of a young adult with special needs!


1661 N Water St Suite 509
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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For a quote by grade, please send supply list to this email: